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This website is no longer being updated. For up-to-date information on lobbying reform, please go to our new Public Citizen website.

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Investigative Reports

Public Citizen Analysis Shows Lobbyists Have Contributed $1.2 Million to DeLay and Will Give More Tonight in Unprecedented Fundraiser

Group Also Proposes Major Reforms to Prevent Lobbyists from Using Campaign Cash to Feed at the Public Trough

Consumers Eat Blind While Congress Feasts on Campaign Cash

Public Citizen analysis shows how industry invested millions in lobbying expenditures and campaign contributions to thwart a law requiring country-of-origin labels on food.

Congressional Revolving Doors

The Journey from Congress to K Street

Learn which members of Congress have left public service to join the influence-peddling business.

A Matter of Trust

A report by the Revolving Doors Working Group that includes a comprehensive review of problems associated with the revolving door, and proposes measures to tighten ethics rules, eliminate loopholes, and reduce conflicts of interest.

Federal Asbestos Legislation: The Winners Are

The lobbying effort in Congress to limit how much big business pays to compensate dying workers and their families.

Other Investigative Reports


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